Constructa Builders (also known as LembongHouse)

We design and construct our own houses. We have all the blue-prints of wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, and locations of critical things such as septic tank and soak wells which in turn provide us with a great advantage in solving problems that may come up. Also, the same technicians who installed the plumbing or wiring, pumps or toilets, will be the ones who also provide the maintenance/repair service.

Security is another very critical issue currently faced by Indonesia. Houses not located in a secured area or secured compounds with tight security procedures/systems, are frequently not even considered by major companies such as BP, ConocoPhillips, Schlumberger, Halliburton, and most major country Embassies. Our housing compounds are fully fenced with gated main entrance in which we provide a minimum of two security guards at all times to perform security check procedures to all vehicles going into the compounds. Our housing compounds are also equipped with CCTV system that records all activities 24 hours, 7 days a week using a DVR (digital recording system). From 11 pm to 5 am, our security guard has to patrol every 30 minutes to all sections of the compound utilizing a time-clock patrolling system machine. Today, Constructa (a.k.a Lembonghouse) can offer a one stop solution to your housing needs:

Marketing team to pick you up and show you our available homes.

Full Maintenance services by our In-House teams:
.>All repairs inside and outside the house (24 hours/7 days a week)
.> Regular air-conditioning maintenance
.> Regular swimming pool maintenance
> Regular water system maintenance
> Regular pest control
> Regular gardening service

>Supply of complete Furniture and Appliances
>Payment of Electricity, Water, Telephone, Cable TV and Internet.

Our housing compounds are equipped with:

> 24-hour security system utilizing CCTV cameras, DVR and time-clock patrol system.
> 24-hour back-up generator for the whole compound during “power-cut”
> Private swimming pool
> Children’s Playground
> Barbeque Area
> Fitness / private function room (only in Pejaten Barat 11 Residence)
> Tennis courts and Squash courts (only in Kemang Timur V/25 Compound)

Locations of all our properties are in the southern part of Jakarta extending from Pondok Indah (most West), Permata Hijau, Cipete, Kemang, Ampera, all the way to Pejaten (most East). Our target tenants our Expatriates with families with proximity to their children’s school. We also accept pets, each of our homes having a back garden and space in the compound. All of the International Schools (JIS, BIS, Australian School, New Zealand School, Montessori, etc.) are all located in South Jakarta. Undoubtedly, South Jakarta is known as an Expatriate area and therefore, many of the International Associations such AWA (American Woman Ass.), ANZA (Australian-New Zealand Ass.), BWA (British Woman Ass.) etc., are also located in South Jakarta. Not to mention some of the international chain restaurants are also located throughout South Jakarta.

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